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Overall Consultation – Major Update.

Hi All, 

I just wanted to put it into your notice that from now onwards (i.e. from 10th June, 2017) all Overall Consultations will be Telephonic or through Skype Call or any other Audio Medium which suits you. Reason behind this major change is manifold. I try to state few as follows – 

  • Writing an Overall Consultation normally takes the whole day as it is about writing about 10 to 12 pages at least. As I am getting more and more requests of Overall Consultation, sending a written report is definitely impacting other consultations and also regular posting of articles on site, which you can see by yourself. 
  • My purpose is to help as many people as possible in a day and I would love to do 3 consultations of any nature in which I help 3 people rather than only 1 Overall Consultation. 
  • At the same time, I am keeping the option open for Overall Consultation too if you are willing to have in over call or any other audio medium. As I always like to keep record of things, I would appreciate if you can record the call so that it can be referred back if needed in future. Keeping the record was the whole purpose behind why I started sending written reports, which I guess very rarely any Astrologer does. 
  • Last but not the least, I don’t think people understood the theme of Overall Consultation despite being instructions very clear which I reproduce here – “This consultation will provide an in-depth analysis of your horoscope. Consultation will be provided on the basis of all the 12 houses, 9 planets and 12 signs inclusive of Nakshatra and Aspects/Conjunctions of planets on each other. Every planet, sign and house of horoscope will be dealt exhaustively to give a clear and overall picture of your horoscope. Consultation Charges will be 5000 Rs/- per horoscope. A word of guidance before you submit any request for Overall Horoscope Readingis that if you are looking for consultation on a specific topic like Career, Marriage etc. then you may not order Overall Horoscope Reading. For those specific requests, I have made provisions of other consultations”.
So, I think I am very clear what Overall Consultation means? Just to re-iterate, I will cover “Your Chart’s” 9 planets, 12 house, 12 signs, Nakshatra, Aspect and Conjunctions to give a general idea about chart and your life. In addition, I will also let you know about 1 Current & 1 Future Dashas. 

I have said this clearly that this consultation doesn’t include any prediction time on specific topics like Marriage, Career or Promotion. For that you have to apply to other relevant consultation. 

  • All I mean to say here is that in Overall Consultations, I am not supposed to look into your dashas and transits of whole life, look into charts of your Parents/Spouse/Siblings & predict about them, tell you about Parent’s Business and Grandparent’s Illness. Believe me, I got all these requests. I mean if someone wants prediction about Marriage then it is better to ask for Marriage Consultation. Why it is so tough to understand that Marriage Consultation is a better option for Marriage Matters rather than Overall Consultation?
  • Hence, I feel it is better to give Overall Consultation in Audio Format by which not only time will be saved for both parties but I can clarify on call in a better way about what all things I can cover in Overall Consultation. 
Those who applied for Overall Consultation till yesterday (i.e. 9th June, 2017) will get written report. Please co-operate. 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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