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  1. All written consultations will be in English language.
  2. All consultations are hand-written documents after thorough analysis of charts by myself. "It is not a software generated report".
  3. Please give 7 days’ time for consultation after submitting your birth details for proper study and research.
  4. For any consultation, please email your birth details to Further procedure will be communicated to you via return email.

Career Consultation –

This consultation will provide suggestions on which career path you may follow. Analysis will be done on the basic of career oriented houses (1st, 2nd, 7th& 10th), planets and combinations between them. Not only the birth horoscope but planetary positions in D-10 chart (which is specific chart for career) will be considered. If you want to follow any specific career then you can let me know, I will see from the prospect of that career too.

Consultation Charges will be 1500 Rs/- per horoscope.

One word of caution before you submit a request for Career Consultation is that many people who would be requesting for Career Consultation would be in their mid-20s. The most important change for anyone’s life, specifically career, comes in late 20s. So, right now, people requesting for Career Consultation might not be able to relate with the career which I may suggest but my opinion will be based on what your horoscope is telling as your final destination in your career rather than what you are doing now. Basically, rarely it happens that someone follows only one career throughout life. Changes and shifts are bound to come. Take my own example. I started earning by giving Tuition to school students. Then I practiced as an Advocate for about 5 years, then I taught Law at an Institute for 2 years, then I have been in Corporate World for about 5 years and now I have taken up Astrology as full time profession, which I never thought 10 years ago in my wildest dreams. So, expect a roller-coaster drive in Career matters.

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Marriage Consultation –

This consultation will provide suggestions regarding the best time for receiving good alliances for marriage, which may turn out into marriage. Best time to order this consultation would be when you also have some horoscope to be matched. So that, you can get two benefits in one report.

Consultation Charges will be 500 Rs/- per horoscope.

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Horoscope Matching –

Horoscope Matching will be much more than traditional way of looking at the number of Guna matching between two horoscopes. I analyse both charts on not only if they match and marriage is possible right now but also if marriage will prosper for a long time. In case, if charts are not matching, I let people know of best times to get good alliances, so that they can be in position to decide about marriage.

Consultation Charges will be 500 Rs/- per horoscope.

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Personal/Telephonic Consultation –

In case, you want to personally meet or talk over phone to discuss your horoscope on any specific subject then please request this consultation. Please share your birth details and topic in 3 days' advance and meet/talk on that topic on given date and time. Please concise your discussion and questions on that topic only.

Consultation Charges will be 1000 Rs/- per horoscope.

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Specific Consultation –

If you want guidance or suggestion on any specific topic like Health, Foreign Travels, Child Birth, Owning Home/Land, Predictions for a specific time period like next year or next Mahadasha, Any generic query or doubt regarding Astrology etc. please request this consultation. Please send the topic you want suggestion on.

Consultation Charges will be 1000 Rs/- per horoscope.

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Overall Horoscope Reading –

This consultation will provide an in-depth analysis of your horoscope. Consultation will be provided on the basis of all the 12 houses, 9 planets and 12 signs inclusive of Nakshatra and Aspects/Conjunctions of planets on each other. Every planet, sign and house of horoscope will be dealt exhaustively to give a clear and overall picture of your horoscope.

Consultation Charges will be 3000 Rs/- per horoscope.

A word of guidance before you submit any request for Overall Horoscope Readingis that if you are looking for consultation on a specific topic like Career, Marriage etc. then you may not order Overall Horoscope Reading. For those specific requests, I have made provisions of other consultations.

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Teaching Services -

If anyone is interested in Study of Astrology and wants to learn Astrology from me then they can email me under Subject Line "Teaching Services". I will be very happy to help and guide people with my little understanding on the subject.

As every student can be at different level of learning or understanding Astrology, I don't want to make any general rule regarding Course Material and Fees. I will interact with individual and try to see where he/she is currently in Astrological Knowledge & Understanding and from there I will guide him/her. I am fine with interacting people through Email or Skype Calls (which people can record for future references) on Astrological Lessons & Queries. Please let me know if you are interested to deep-dive in this Ocean of Astrology.

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P.S. – If you are looking for some remedial suggestions through these consultations then please check this link - .

You can contact me for consultations through any of these means -

a. You can contact me through my website page Contact us option. or

b. You can contact me at my facebook page - or

c. You can also contact me at my twitter page - or

d. You can directly email me at

Also, there is a mobile application with name Astro Saxena which you can download from Google Play Store and contact me.

In case, you opt to contact me through “Send Message” option under “CONTACT US” Tab then please provide your email address as I would be contacting through email only and please check your email account within next 24 hours.


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