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Planetary Relationship Synastry (PRS) Post # 3

So, in this Planetary Relationship Synastry (PRS) Post let’s see what happens if Moon of a person in relationship gets super-imposed over planets of another person.

A person’s Moon’s impact on another person’s different planets – It is like, Moon of X person is falling over different planets of Y person. Like, X person has Moon in Aries and Y person has different planets in Aries. Now, if these two persons are in any type of relation or friendship where they spend considerable time with each other then we need to see the kind of impact and end result this combination is going to create for them.

Other Possibilities – Now, it can also be the case that X person has Moon in one sign and Y person has conjunction of planets in that sign. In that case we have to look for and interpret the joint impact of conjunctions of planets involved from Y person to X person’s Moon.

Impact like Conjunction – I think it is better to understand this super-imposition of planets from 1 chart to another like a conjunction. It is like both persons in relationship are having these super-imposed planets conjunct in that house/sign in their chart. Series of articles on conjunction can be helpful here - .

Assertive Vs Receptive – As Moon is the most gentle and feeble planet, it will be the one which is impacted by another planets. It is not going to impact any other planet, no exceptions. So, every other planet would be assertive and Moon will be receptive.

Nature & Dignity Involved – Another important thing is nature, dignity and mutual relation of the planets involved which are getting super-imposed to each other or to houses involved. We can also keep in mind the things different planets are karaka of. That would give an indication about the quality and manner in which we will get the end results. This link should be able to help as to what each planet represents -

House involved – I think the most important factor in this series will be houses involved as those things will be impacted by planets. Like, If X person has Moon in Aries in 1st house and Y person has Sun in Aries sign in 10th house then Y person’s Sun is going to impact the Moon as well as the 1st house related matters of X. Here, we can also include the houses those planets rule in respective houses. Things or people related with those houses will also assert or receive the impact. So, it is important to keep in mind the things and people represented by each house. This link should be able to help as to what each house represents - . We have covered the result of different planets getting super-imposed over an empty house of another chart in our last post on PRS - .

Jeeva Karaka Vs Ajeeva Karaka – Last but not the least, I think the concept of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka - will be the most important here for right interpretation in this series. Especially, when malefic planets are involved and getting super-imposed against malefic planets/ benefic planets of other chart in a particular house then achieving the results of Jeeva Karakas would become tough but results of Ajeeva Karakas of same planets and houses involved can still be achieved.

Now, the impact of Moon super-imposition over planets of another chart –

Sun - Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Sun of Y person then it is the X person who will feel the impact of Sun as Sun is far stronger energy than Moon. So, after these two people are together, X would feel a certain stress due to ego assertions by Y. Y’s ego will burn the peace of mind of X. X can also start having ego clashes with Mother. Likewise, ego clashes can be related with houses Moon rules in respective charts. Meditation can be helpful in these situations. Loss of peace of mind of X person can be a prominent result after they are in relationship.

Moon – Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Moon of Y person then it is like both people having 2 Moon in their chart in 1 house/sign. Then both persons would have an excess flow of emotions in the respective houses where Moon is falling in both charts. This can show a good emotional connection between the two. It can also show both mind working in similar way. This combination looks good but nakshatra positions can change the scene plus it can make both very emotional and there can be lack of practicality in their approach after their association. At the same time, this combination can improve the relationship with Mother for both persons.

Mars - Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Mars of Y person then X will feel the impact of Mars over Moon and in the house where Moon is placed. Although, it can make X very active, agile and action oriented especially in matters related with Moon (Mother & Home etc) and the house where Moon is placed, but at the same time, X can feel the dominance and control of Y. For long term relationship, it is not a good combination as none would like to be dominated for long time. In worst case scenario, this can take the shape of violence and abusive relation. X can be feeling the control factor very apparently.

Mercury - Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Mercury of Y person then it is the X person who will feel the impact of Mercury over Moon and in that particular house of chart. This combination can make X very communicative person and Y can push X person for travelling and learning new things. This combination can work well if both can communicate well, share information and if both have common interests. At the same time, both will feel frustrated in this relation sooner or later due to enmity of Moon and Mercury. Moon wants stability in life and Mercury is all about frequent movement. Hence, X will feel that he has lost stability factor after meeting Y. At the same time, X can be more communicative after meeting Y, especially at home or with mother. X can develop new interests and hobbies.

Jupiter - Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Jupiter of Y person then it is the X person who will feel the impact of Jupiter over Moon and in that particular house of chart. This combination can bring knowledge and wisdom from X to Y. Dignity of Moon and Jupiter will decide the quality of knowledge as teaching someone how to pick a pocket is also sharing of knowledge. X may treat Y as Guru or Teacher in his life. Y may push X for getting higher education and knowledge. As their combination is creating a Gaj Kesari Yoga, both persons will benefit from this yoga and yield results of the house where this yoga is taking place. X may start getting more benefits or guidance from his mother after meeting Y.

Venus - Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Venus of Y person then it is the X person who will feel the impact of Venus over his Moon and in that particular house of chart. This combination can lead to a love/romance kind of relationship as Venus is all about beauty and relationship. X will feel happy and pleasant in company of Y. Y can bring new creative interests in X’s life. This can also bring wealth and finance in X’s life. At the same time, as Moon and Venus are enemies to each other, this relation will lead to frustration sooner or later. X relation with Mother can suffer after meeting Y due to same enmity of Moon and Venus.

Saturn - Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Saturn of Y person then it is the X person who will feel the impact of Saturn over Moon. Saturn is too heavy an energy for Moon to handle. This relation will bring stress, frustration and worries to X. X can feel that his responsibilities and duties have increased manifold after meeting Y. X’s mind can feel burdened because of this. This is neither recommended as relation nor as friendship. This combination can bring stress or illness to X’s mother and possible distant relationship with her. Overall, a stressful combination.

Rahu or Ketu - Now, if Moon of X person is falling over Rahu or Ketu of Y person then it is the X person who who will feel the impact of Rahu or Ketu over Moon. Rahu or Ketu do cause eclipse to Sun and Moon. As Moon also illuminates our path along-with Sun, Moon’s super-imposition over nodes suggest that after their association, X person will have no idea about his path and he may lose it altogether. This would remain the situation till they are together or till the age of 42 or 48 (for Rahu or Ketu respectively), whichever is earlier. This can also lead to a situation where X might lose Mother or Mother’s guidance after Y came in X’s life. This can also bring emotional imbalance or instability in emotions for X person. 

As always, Meditation is the best remedy for Moon.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti.

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